Senior Citizens


On the second Thursday of the month, the St. Joe’s Senior Citizens’ group meets, and I join them as often as possible to hear what’s going on in their lives and just to have some fun. They’re a great group of people, who worked hard throughout their lives, raised families, are now helping with grandchildren and loving their great grandchildren. Many are veterans who served their country through the armed forces. But, they have all served—through their churches, community groups and as neighbors—to make life better. The world has changed rapidly throughout their lives—from dial phones to cell phones; from writing letters to Facebook—but seniors are resilient and adaptable. They have much to offer the younger generations and they deserve fair treatment by their government.

I am committed to seeing that the needs of senior citizens—from health care to housing to advocacy are being met. I serve on the board of directors for the Senior Services Center of Will County and have been heartbroken over the cuts the center has had to make due to the failure of state government to provide support.

I was pleased to provide a House of Representatives certificate to the Troy Township Senior Program in honor of its 30th anniversary. This is a remarkable and life-changing program that enhances the lives of many senior citizens in Troy Township.